Do I need to be an expert hiker or yogi to go on a retreat?

Absolutely not! Most of Heather's retreats are open to a wide range of skill levels. Some are more difficult than others, so if you have any concerns about your ability to participate, contact Heather.  Also, read each retreat description carefully to be sure you are up for the challenge.

How much yoga and hiking should I expect?

There will be two yoga classes per day: one in the morning, and one restorative practice in the evening before dinner. Plan on one moderate 3-6 mile hike each day. Any unscheduled time is free time, so bring a journal, book, extra bottle of wine, or plan on an extra hike later in the day if desired!

Are all of the hikes guided?

Hikes are mostly guided by Heather and her assistant(s). If you want to do any additional independent hiking, Heather provides some options in the area.   

What safety measures are in place?

Your safety is the most important thing. Hiking buddies will be assigned based on skill level. Each pair will get one walkie-talkie to stay in communication with the group in the event of an emergency. Stay with your partner and stay on the trails! It's your responsibility to be safe in the back country. Remember that although most places will have search and rescue, help can be hours away. Heather is CPR certified, and will come to your aid as quickly as she can.  All hiking is at your own risk.  Additionally, some areas and trailheads must be reached by gravel road.  Come prepared to drive your car on gravel roads.  

What kind of food will be served?

Heather uses her culinary background to cook healthy, vegetarian meals each day. One or two meals may be at restaurants. Heather will do her best to accommodate dietary restrictions. Be sure to bring your own alcohol.  This is not provided on the retreat.

Is a massage included with the retreat?

If you would like a massage, you must let Heather know at least two weeks in advance of the retreat. You can book one at the location, but don't count on it if not booked in advance.

What should I bring?

Click here for a general list of items to bring.

Do I need to get myself to the retreat?

Travel is not included in your retreat cost. Heather will send you specific directions prior to departure. She can put you in contact with other retreat-goers if you'd like to carpool. Most of the roads will be paved, but you may encounter some gravel roads closer to the trails and lodging.  Be prepared to drive on gravel roads.  

Are Heather's retreats just for women?

Nope!  Although Heather's retreats tend to be mostly women, retreats are open to men  Please, break the pattern MEN!  Attend one of Heather's retreats to increase male participation.  Thank you!!!