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As you make your way down the trail to Phantom Ranch the sun is rising over the Grand Canyon creating beautiful shadows everywhere. You are in awe at just how big and expansive the Grand Canyon really is! It is one of the most beautiful sights you have laid your eyes on and you soak in the grandiose experience of it all.  

After just one night of being with your new travel friends you already feel at home. You realize you have laughed more in one day than you typically do in one week. You feel strong and inspired to contemplate the unlimited possibilities of this life.  It is just the beginning of this outstanding journey and you are stoked because you know it’s going to be the ride of a lifetime.

The challenge of this bucket list hike is fulfilling a dream you have had for a long time. You are so glad you said “YES” to this trip!

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Phantom Ranch & The Briar Patch Inn in Sedona are the perfect places to spend 7 days + 6 nights...

Is hiking The Grand Canyon rim to rim on your bucket list?

Look no further.  We will hike from the North to the South rim in The 3-day journey begins with a night camping at the North rim and one night spent staying at Phantom Ranch, a lodge at the bottom. This trip will challenge your body & mind to go beyond what you thought possible.

Are you looking for a unique wilderness experience?

We’ve got you covered. We will hike 10 miles to Phantom Ranch, a highly desirable lodge at the bottom of The Grand Canyon, and stay overnight.  The next day we will hike 10 miles out to the South rim. Only 10% of the people that visit the Grand Canyon ever get to the bottom.

Do you want to learn tools & tips to stay injury free while hiking?

Happy to help!  Heather will teach you stretches to keep you feeling good so you can hike miles and miles on your trip. Heather wants you to see as much as possible and will help you do just that by leading you in the most effective yoga practices to soothe sore muscles so you are ready for more! 



The Venues...

You will spend 1 night in Scottdale, AZ at The Holiday Inn, 1 night camping on the North rim of The Grand Canyon, 1 night at Phantom Ranch and 3 nights at the Briar Patch Inn.

Phantom Ranch is one of the hardest reservations to snag in the U.S. Cabins can sell out within a few hours and are booked over a year in advance. But, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of booking. We’ve got our back! The lodge is rustically beautiful and you will stay in a cabin with the most comfortable bunks. At Phantom Ranch it is all about location.

Nestled along the Colorado River, some 5,800 feet below the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, there is no other place quite like Phantom Ranch. The rustic oasis and lodge was designed by a woman, built in 1922 and is the only lodging facility within the canyon. 

Once you’ve stayed at Phantom Ranch, you become a part of an exclusive club of people who know that the real magic lies below the rim. From the top, it’s hard to really grasp the magnitude of this special place.  

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While in Sedona we will stay at The Briar Patch Inn...

Nestled in Oak Creek Canyon along the lush banks of Oak Creek, the Briar Patch Inn invites you to nurture your relationship with nature. At the base of the surrounding red rock mountains, the spring fed waters of Oak Creek create a healing, magical oasis-the perfect setting for the Briar Patch - a quiet blending of 9 acres, cottages, majestic canyon oaks, dappled sunlight, squirrels, sheep, and a caring staff.

Private patios, spectacular views, the lyrical sounds of Oak Creek, and crackling wood-burning fireplaces all come together for your Briar Patch experience.  The cabins are furnished in southwestern charm with Native American arts and crafts are designed to foster intimate and leisurely experiences.  The cabins are situated to ensure your privacy and to appreciate the magnificent views, are placed throughout the 9 acres of luxurious growth, towering sycamores, and oak trees. Comfortable seating on your own shaded patio or deck will enable you to sit back and relax in the quiet of your own secluded area, the perfect space for reading, viewing or “snoozing”.



The Eats...

At Phantom Ranch you will enjoy hearty breakfasts of eggs, bacon, fruit and pancakes and dinner choices of hiker’s stew, vegetarian chili or steak dinner. The steak is a definite favorite! While out hiking you will enjoy delicious lunches and snacks provided by our guide in The Grand Canyon and Chef Heather in Sedona.

The cuisine in Sedona is absolutely outstanding!  You will be served healthy breakfasts each morning out by the pool which will include eggs, fresh fruits, home baked breads, muffins, juices, acoffee and tea.

Sedona is a great foodie destination where restaurants cater to every taste, from organic vegan options to sophisticated, international cuisine and indulgent, chef-driven menus served amid the legendary Sedona red rocks. You will enjoy views that are to die for while you dine and meet amazing people along the way.  




Come and enjoy the sight of The Grand Canyon & Sedona.  Ribbon Falls + The Colorado River are calling your name!    

On day two of the trip you will hike down the North Kaibab trail into one of the biggest wonders of the world. You will experience some of the most expansive views you have ever seen. We will make a pit stop at Rainbow Falls, one of the most beautiful and mystical waterfalls in the canyon. As you soak in the views you feel that there is much more to this area than you realized and you feel rejuvenated and inspired.

At Phantom Ranch you will have a chance to relax and dip into the refreshing Bright Angel Creek.
After dinner you will enjoy an unforgettable sunset right on the banks of the Colorado River. You sit in awe with your fellow travelers reminiscing the day and your guide will share his/her wealth of knowledge and stories about the area.

On day three we will hike out of the canyon on The Bright Angel Trail enjoying big views of The Colorado River. It is the grandeur and strength of this amazing river that created the Grand Canyon. Hiking out on the Bright Angel Trail offers different views and sights than the hike down into the canyon.

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While in Sedona you will enjoy the wide open vistas, some of the best hikes in the area and learn about the mystical vortexes.

Whether or not you believe that energy vortexes exist, one thing is for certain, there is “something” about Sedona that has made people travel there for something more than just its incredible beauty. You will visit a few of the strongest vortexes in the area - Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon.

Sedona’s vortex energy is powerful and you will experience the benefits just by being there. Spiritual leaps and transformation can occur more quickly and easily in Sedona because of the vortex energy.


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The Gifts...

Confidence in your strength.
After covering some major ground in The Grand Canyon and Sedona you realize you are stronger than you think and can go further than you ever thought possible.

Big visions & goals.
The grandeur of The Grand Canyon and energy in Sedona will expand your mind, heart & soul.  You will return home with a much bigger vision for your life. 

New connections & friendships.
It never fails.  The people you meet on this adventure will become life-long friends who will become a support as you step into a bigger and strong version of yourself.


Check out this video!



What's Included:

  • Daily Yoga & Mediation

  • Most Meals (you will be responsible for 4 dinners + 1 lunch)

  • 1 night in Scottsdale at The Holiday Inn + 1 night camping on the North rim of The Grand Canyon (equipment provided) + 1 night at Phantom Ranch + 3 nights in Sedona

  • Transportation while in The Grand Canyon & Sedona

  • Daily guided hikes

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What's Not Included:

  • Massages, Palm or Tarot Card Readings, Hot Air Balloon Rides, etc.

  • Flight to and from Phoenix, AZ

  • 4 dinners + 1 lunch

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Here’s what past travelers had to say…

grand canyon laura

I chose to attend ‘A Journey To The Unlimited Self’ because I knew I needed it. The cost was holding me back at first, but that limiting belief was something I wanted to change. I knew if I could change how I viewed money it would also change other things I limit myself to do. I loved our guide in The Grand Canyon because he made me feel so well cared for, was knowledgeable about the area and so fun! Some of my favorite parts of the trip were all the matching umbrellas & laughter, the sunset hike & hike to Ribbon Falls. I loved the yoga instruction from Heather and how spontaneous she is, able to have picnic table yoga and bunk bed yoga at Phantom Ranch. It was amazing how much the yoga helped soothe sore muscles after all the hiking. Absolutely go on this trip. It is the chance of a lifetime. Heather’s yoga is easy to implement and transformational. You will be surprised by the miracles that can happen by making the choice to attend.
— Laura Strachan
grand canyon dotty.jpg
I had never been to either the Grand Canyon or Sedona, though I have wanted to visit both for several years. This was the perfect opportunity to fulfill long-time hiking goals in a fun setting.
I didn’t really think I would ever fulfill this dream and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to do so. Thank you, Heather! You are a blast to travel with and the entire trip was so much fun! You’re sure to have a lot of fun on this trip, and if you’re so inclined it can include a good dose of self-reflection.
— Dotty Carman
grand canyon gina.jpg
I attended another one of Heather’s excursions because I know they are fabulous. The trip sounded like a “bucket list” trip and nothing I ever would have done without this opportunity. I love the balance built into Heather’s trips - the physical, mental and spiritual. Heather pushes you to the edge of your comfort zone and then guides you beyond the limitations you previously put on yourself. The trip made me realize that I am unlimited and capable of - and worthy of - having anything I want. It cleared some of the “fog” from the past year. It also expanded my personal network by meeting other people, having shared experiences and learning from eachother’s vulnerabilities. I loved everything about this trip ! I enjoyed all of the time we spent outdoors and the beauty the areas have to offer. A few of my favorite moments were stopping to do meditations while hiking in the Canyon or on Big Bell in Sedona. Since returning home, I have incorporated all of the breathing exercises, grounding, the new yoga flow and great stretches into my life. If this trip is presented to you, it’s something you need. You may not know why but you’ll figure it out later. I’ve been on two trips with Heather and look forward to the next. You will come home from the trip different than when you left!
— Gina Wesley


About Your Guide :-)

Hi, I'm Heather Feather.  I have been drawn to hike in lodges, lodges you can only reach on foot, for a long time because they are off the beaten path and offer up a physical challenge - two of my favorite things! Physical challenges grow me in so many ways and are an essential part of my life.

My first experience visiting a hike in lodges was to Mt Leconte in The Smokey Mountains. It was outstanding and I just had to see more. After hearing about Phantom Ranch in The Grand Canyon I knew I had to go! Plus, the hike to Phantom Ranch would provide a bigger challenge.

I love out of the box experiences and have always been exploring beyond my limits. I believe a dream life is possible, won't settle for "just ok" love and and relationships, love exploring my physical limits and pushing my body to see what I am capable of. You don't have to settle! 

That’s why I created “A Journey To The Unlimited Self” Grand Canyon Rim To Rim Hike + Sedona Excursion. This trip is a bucket list experience that will give you the opportunity to explore your physical as well as mental possibilities. You are stronger than you think!

I have never limited myself to what everyone else is doing or what I think I should do. I want that for you too!

I can't wait to share one of the amazing wonders of the world with you while pushing you beyond what you thought possible.