As you sit on the deck of the beautiful home you have been staying in for the week you watch the waves of Lake Michigan roll in, your gaze softens and you notice all of the beautiful shades of blue.  The wind blows through your hair and the sunshine rests on your face.  You take a deep breath of fresh air and can smell the sand that you will dip your toes into later.  

You allow your body to sway with the breeze, close your eyes and drop deeply inside.  You have learned some amazing meditation tips this week and feel confident in a few you will implement when you get home.  You can feel how your mind has already expanded and it seems as big as the lake.  You have enjoyed learning more about your inner landscape as well as the beautiful outer landscape of The Leelanau Peninsula.

You reflect on your favorite adventure of the week so far, The Sleeping Bear Dunes.  The challenge, beauty and quiet of the dune hike was the perfect combination and you realize you felt and saw so much more because your meditation practice has made you more aware of your body and surroundings.  You also realize how at ease you felt amidst the challenge.  It must be the meditation practice! 

You feel so ready for the full day of silence where you can  explore and grow in your meditation practice so that you can enliven and enjoy all of your outdoor activities.   


What is possible by the end of this journey?

You will have the confidence to use a variety of meditation techniques to quiet the mind and focus which will enhance your outdoor activities because you will find yourself more fully present.

As you practice you will expand your mind removing self doubt & that pesky inner critic which will make all of your big goals feel more attainable and realistic.  Self doubt and negative self-talk can get in the way of achieving goals that may not feel attainable.   

You'll strengthen your intuition and inner knowing which will tell you when it is time to slow down.  This will decrease the likelihood of injury.  If you should get injured, you will learn how meditation can help you cope with the pain.

This journey will open your eyes to how fun exercise and outdoor adventures really can be!  Meditation improves mood and makes people happier so you will not longer see getting out to move as a chore.        

Say goodbye to seeing exercise as a chore!

It's time....

Imagine walking or running a 5k, half-marathon or marathon with ease and free of doubt.

You will be surprised at how much more you will enjoy exercise and fitness.  
You will feel more alive and in tune knowing where you need to relax in your body so that you do not feel stressed and agitated.  

It is simple.  Just sit and be present to all that awaits you in Pure Michigan.  

The magic is inside you already.  All you need to do is listen and feel for that internal knowing.  

It is time to realize how amazing your body really is and all of the amazing adventures and fun you can have!  These experiences are right at your fingertips!

We will have the Pure Michigan playground right in our backyard for the week where we will see and experience just how impactful the meditation practice is on each excursion. 

Why The Leelanau Peninsula?

The Leelanau Peninsula is not only quietly beautiful, but it is also full of outdoor adventures.  Each day you will have the opportunity to explore a new area and activity.  You can enjoy hiking, running, biking, paddleboarding, kayaking and swimming.

The natural landscape of the cherished lands of The Leelanau Peninsula has been preserved by the Leelanau Conservancy.  Some of the best views, most sensitive wetlands, and biggest working farms have been forever protected because of the Leelanau Conservancy.  The Conservancy is making a very real difference in what Leelanau County is to become. 

It is the perfect place to restore our inner landscape to it's natural state of ease, happiness, confidence and expansion through meditation.  We will clear away the chatter in the mind that is getting in the way of preserving and protecting our precious health and bodies.  

When you return home you will feel as pure and natural as Pure Michigan.  You will be ready to dive into an enjoyable fitness life!

Step into a joyful and fun fitness life!  

Each morning we will enjoy a yoga practice and new meditation technique in our beautiful home for the week or out on the deck.  Then, it will be time for a delicious breakfast and an adventure outing!

Each day we will enjoy an adventure in the beautiful area of the Leelanau Peninsula whether it is hiking at a local park, a full day excursion to Sleeping Bear Dunes, kayaking, Paddleboarding to Power Island, a sunset sailing cruise or just an easy stroll on the beach right in front of our home. You may even choose to skip an adventure outing and decide to relax in the house simply enjoying the view, reading a book or enjoying a conversation with one of your new awesome soul sisters.  

In the evening we will enjoy a homemade dinner prepared by Chef Heather or head out to a one of the many amazing restaurants in the area. Wherever we are you can be sure you will enjoy the local fare.  The Leelanau Peninsula is a big farming community and farm stands sit on every street corner.   

Then, you can retire to your comfortable and welcoming room or enjoy a bonfire with a glass of wine or cup of tea before the next adventurous day begins!


The Cuisine

Come and enjoy the local fare, wineries and breweries of The Leelanau Peninsula.  Farms are everywhere and it is impossible to escape the unique flavors of the area.  We will enjoy what is plentiful and in season.    

Cherry Chicken Salad, Smoked Whitefish Pate with Pita Chips, Smoked Turkey and Beef Jerky and Fresh Strawberry Rhubarb Pie are just a few of my favorite dishes. Do you have a particular food preference?  No problem!  Vegan, vegetarian, gluten and dairy free can all be accommodated.   

We will be sure to spend some time at wineries and breweries too tasting the variety this amazing area has to offer!   

The Benefits

Have no fear, on this adventure escape, with the support of Heather and fellow adventurers you will:

  • Recognize how powerful and strong your body is and realize you can do anything you put your mind to and it CAN be FUN!
  • Identify and break through barriers in your mind through learned meditation techniques so that you can enjoy running, walking, hiking or whatever outdoor excursion in which you are engaging.  
  • Get clear on what new adventures you want to pursue that maybe you never even dreamed would be possible for you!
  • Nurture your body through yoga and identify specific areas of pain that might be holding you back from truly enjoying amazing outdoor adventures.  
  • Reconnect with yourself and the present moment so that when you go on our outdoor excursions you can be more present.


This adventure is TOTALLY for you if....

  • You are ready to leap into a new way of being and experiencing fitness.
  • You want to know more about meditation and how it can enhance your active lifestyle.
  • You deeply care about your health and want to improve the way you feel while being active.  
  • You are open to experiencing one full day of silence and ready for growth.
  • You want to explore the incredible Leelanau Peninsula and all it has to offer.
  • You desire bigger goals adventures for yourself and need the nudge and confidence to go for it.

This adventure is NOT for you if......

  • You have no desire to learn more about meditation.
  • You don’t want to experience a full day of silence and do deep inner work to overcome limiting beliefs and doubts.
  • You do not enjoy outdoor activities.
  • You aren't willing to explore how you can actually enjoy fitness.
  • You take more than you give, make excuses, gossip and aren't a team player.
  • Your are uncomfortable with stepping out of your box and the unknown.
  • You don't like laughing hysterically, wearing funky sunglasses and sunblock ;)

Fishtown classic.jpg

The Bonuses

Just because we care you will also receive...

- A Clarity Call: a 20 minute call with Heather so that she can get to know you and best support you on this journey.
- A Pre-Trip Group Call: Meet everyone in the group, share your intention and learn how to prepare yourself for an amazing week!
- A Post-Trip Group Call: We will gather for a one hour call to help you integrate your learnings into life after the adventure.


What's Included:

  • 7 days + 7 nights accommodation in Leland, Michigan (Queen + King Beds Available to share or private),
  • Daily guided yoga + meditations + outdoor excursions all week!
  • Seven delicious breakfasts, Four dinners, Four lunches
  • Welcome circle + bonfire at Leland hOMe.
  • Breath-taking sunset or sunrise sailing cruise


What's Not Included:

  • Your trip getting to and from the destination + travel throughout the week
  • Three dinners and three lunches are not-included.
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, laundry.
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance


Heather Feather
Facilitator, Yoga Instructor,
Personal Trainer + Chef

Your Trip Leader

Heather Feather has been leading transformations adventures for over 3 years.  She has been studying meditation and dove deeply in during her 500 hour Teacher Training when she spent four full days in silence. She wants to share the amazing benefits of being in silence and stillness with YOU!

Not only does heather deeply know the benefits of meditation, but she has experienced it's positive effect on her fitness.  Heather runs marathons, ultramarathons, is currently section hiking the Appalachian Trail, loves paddleboarding and kayaking, is a long-distance open water swimmer.  She wants share with you how meditation has positively influenced all of her outdoor activities.  

Heather has experienced injury, self-doubt, the struggle of exercise and everything in between.  She delights in sharing the tools she has discovered that will turn injury into pain free adventures, self-doubt into confidence and struggle into ease.  

Are you ready to ADVENTURE ON?

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