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As you make your way down the trail to Phantom Ranch the sun is just rising up and you walk in awe at the beauty that surrounds you.  Your body feels amazing, strong and capable.  It feels so good to soak in the beauty, the warm sun on your skin and the grandiose visual experience of it all!  

The expansiveness of The Grand Canyon reminds you of the expansiveness of your mind and all of the unlimited possibilities that lie ahead for you.  As you take in a deep breath the smell of juniper and fresh creek water awakens your senses and you realize all that really is possible in this life and the power you have to create your own amazing reality.

The challenge of the hike and the surroundings are just what you needed to PUSH YOU beyond your personal best, not only in fitness but also in your life.



Phantom Ranch & The Briar Patch Inn in Sedona are the perfect places to spend 7 days + 7 nights...

Is Phantom Ranch in The Grand Canyon on your bucketlist?

Look no further.  We will be staying at The Phantom Ranch, a highly desirable hike in lodge at the base of The Grand Canyon.  We will hike 10 miles into the lodge and 10 miles out.  

Are you looking for your next big challenge?

I've got you covered.  This adventure trip will challenge your body and mind to go beyond what you thought possible.  

Are you frustrated with the same ole same ole hum drum of life and want to break free?

This if for you!  You will not only learn how to do this, but you will feel and soak it into your bones!  You life will transform from limited to limitless!

Are you feeling held back by family or friends or what you think you ought to do in this life?

Happy to help!  You will learn how to shift this way of thinking, let go of any guilt that is stopping you from doing what you really want to do!  



The Venues...

You will spend 1 night in Flagstaff at The Hilton of Embassy Suites, 2 nights at Phantom Ranch and 4 nights at The Briar Patch Inn in Sedona.

Phantom Ranch is one of the hardest reservations to snag in the U.S.  The place—which offers bunks and rustic cabins at best—is definitely not luxurious.  But, it does offer something that no other lodging property can compete with: Location, location, location.

Nestled along the Colorado River, some 5,800 feet below the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, there is no other place quite like Phantom Ranch. The rustic oasis and lodge was built in 1922 and remains the only lodging facility within the canyon.  So it’s no surprise that it’s one of the hardest reservations to snag in the National Park System, let alone the country. Cabins and dormitories can sell out within two hours the day they become available, 13 months in advance!  But you don't have to worry about the hassle of booking these modest accommodations!  We've got your back!  

Once you’ve stayed at Phantom Ranch, you become a part of an exclusive club of people who know—the ones who truly understand and appreciate the grandeur of the Grand Canyon.  That’s because from the top, it’s hard to really grasp the magnitude of this special place.  But for the hearty souls who are willing to work for it—less than one percent of the five million annual Grand Canyon visitors—the real magic lies below the rim.  We will hike an amazing 10 miles in to reach Phantom Ranch and then back out a few days later.  


While in Sedona we will stay at The Briar Patch Inn...

Nestled in Oak Creek Canyon along the lush banks of Oak Creek, the Briar Patch Inn invites you to nurture your relationship with nature. At the base of the surrounding red rock mountains, the spring fed waters of Oak Creek create a healing, magical oasis-the perfect setting for the Briar Patch - a quiet blending of 9 acres, cottages, majestic canyon oaks, dappled sunlight, squirrels, sheep, and a caring staff.


Private patios, spectacular views, the lyrical sounds of Oak Creek, and crackling wood-burning fireplaces all come together for your Briar Patch experience.  The cabins are furnished in southwestern charm with Native American arts and crafts are designed to foster intimate and leisurely experiences.  The cabins are situated to ensure your privacy and to appreciate the magnificent views, are placed throughout the 9 acres of luxurious growth, towering sycamores, and oak trees. Comfortable seating on your own shaded patio or deck will enable you to sit back and relax in the quiet of your own secluded area, the perfect space for reading, viewing or “snoozing”.



The Eats...

The Canteen at Phantom Ranch is one of the most unique places you will every eat!  You will enjoy hearty breakfasts, box lunches, and dinner choices of hiker’s stew, vegetarian chili or steak dinners to adventurous travelers who journey to the bottom of the Canyon.  Steak dinners are served for the early dinner seating with the late seating serving stew and vegetarian chili.

The cuisine in Sedona is absolutely outstanding!  You enjoy breakfast each morning at The Briar Patch Inn.  Healthy breakfasts of fresh homebaked breads and muffins, crunchy granola, yogurt, fresh fruits and juices, eggs in the shell, coffee and herbal teas can be enjoyed by the fireside in the lodge, or on a tray at your cottage, or best of all, creekside. 

You will savor scrumptious catered lunches at The Briar Patch Inn each day and then be wowed in the evening by the fantastic restaurants Sedona has to offer.  Sedona is a great foodie destination where restaurants cater to every taste, from organic vegan options to sophisticated, international cuisine and indulgent, chef-driven menus served amid the legendary Sedona red rocks.  




Come and enjoy the many wonders of The Grand Canyon & Sedona.  Ribbon Falls + The Colorado River Are calling your name!    

On the first day at Phantom Ranch you will be challenged by and enjoy a hike to Ribbon Falls.  These falls are one of the loveliest spots in The Grand Canyon.  After taking a dip in the refreshing mineral rich pools at the bottom of the 100 foot high falls, you hike up around the falls and stand behind them in awe of the glistening water as it splashes on your face. 

On our second day at Phantom Ranch we will hike down to the amazing Colorado River.  We will experience the grandeur and strength of the amazing river that created the Grand Canyon.


While in Sedona we will visit the many energy vortex sites such as Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock & Boynton Canyon.  

Some say Sedona’s vortex energy is so powerful that you can actually feel it and that it is powerful enough to help people take giant leaps with their spiritual development. The Native Americans believe that spiritual transformation can occur more quickly and easily in Sedona because the veils to other dimensions are thinner here. Whether or not you believe that energy vortexes actually exist, one thing is for certain, there is “something” about Sedona that has made people travel here for something more than just its incredible beauty. 



The Gifts...

You will return home with a newfound confidence in your strength and ability to go the distance.

The hike to and from Phantom Ranch will challenge and invigorate you.  You will embody an newfound confidence after tackling this bucket list hike!

You will experience an expansion of mind and things that once seemed difficult or out of reach will feel easier and more accessible.

The grandeur of The Grand Canyon and energy in Sedona will expand your mind, heart & soul.  You will return home with a bigger view of what is really possible for you physically and in your life! 

You will return home with awesome new connections that will support you in your journey. 

It never fails.  The people you will meet on this adventure will become life-long friends.



What's Included:

  • Daily Yoga
  • Most Meals (you will be responsible for 5 dinners) 
  • 1 night in Flagstaff at Embassy Suites + 2 nights at Phantom Ranch + 4 nights in Sedona at The Briar Patch Inn
  • Transportation to & from The Grand Canyon
  • Daily guided hikes
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What's Not Included:

  • Massages, Palm or Tarot Card Readings, Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Car Rental for Sedona
  • Flight to and from Flagstaff, AZ
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About Me, Your Guide :-)

Hi, I'm Heather Feather.  I am an avid hiker & runner.  While I love a good race like a marathon or ultramarathon, there is nothing quite like combining fitness with travel to a beautiful place.  I love out of the box experiences and have always been exploring beyond my limits in every area of my life.

I never wanted a classic nine to five job, won't settle for "just ok" love and believe real and amazing friendships are out there waiting for you!  You don't have to settle! 

The reality of of a "real job" kept showing it's face to me and almost became a reality quite a few times, but I kept plowing through with the faith that there was something much more for me to do in this life.  


Similarly, I have not settled for a relationship that didn't feel right.  Instead, I listened to my gut and heart that were saying, "No, don't marry him.  He's not the one for you."  It was very challenging and painful for me to make this decision, but I knew deep down that there is a man out there waiting for me and I had to move beyond what was a very rought time to open the door for true love.


I can't wait to share one of the amazing wonders of the world, The Grand Canyon, with you while pushing you both physically and mentally beyond what you thought possible.  It is my passion to take people to some of the most beautiful places to inspire lasting fitness and to keep the imagination running wild to all that is possible for you in your life.  

I can't wait for you to experience the wonder of Sedona as well and the amazing culinary delights the area has to offer.  Sedona has the ability to create lasting change if you let it and I know how important these types of experiences are to really make things happen. 

The food in Sedona is seriously some of the best I have had! I have a culinary degree and know food!  this place doesn't mess around!   

What are you waiting for? 

It's time to say, "Yes!" to YOU!