Attention Half & Full Marathon Runners (Walkers too!)

Want to train for your spring marathon with team elevate?


Team Elevate is for you if you..

  • Want a well-rounded approach to marathon training that provides more than just running.

  • Are ready for the next challenge and are ready to ELEVATE your life in every way.

  • Crave a close knit running community and don’t want to get lost in the crowd.

  • Want to stay injury free and feel amazing in your body by incorporating strength and flexibility training.

  • Need accountability and motivation to stay on track.


Start Date:
January 7th

In-Person Training Days:
Saturdays @ 8am & Tuesdays @ 6:30pm

Primary Target Race:
Flying Pig Marathon

Your Coach


Heather has run dozens of marathons, ultramarathons, completed one Ironman and multiple open water swims. She is getting ready to do her first 10k swim in Tennessee! She loves a good challenge and loves even more helping other people get stronger both physically and mentally.

She served as an assistant coach with Studio S for two years, has been leading Elevate Excursions for 4+ years, is a certified personal trainer and 500 hour trained yoga instructor as well as a trained chef.

She is so excited to offer this unique marathon training program that is SO much more than just another training group. You will learn to train smarter, not harder and how to stay injury free.


I created Team Elevate because I see so many running groups just offering running. A quality half & full marathon training plan includes much more than just running.

Strength & flexibility training, getting off the road, and cross-training are all essential parts of marathon training that get missed or are not encouraged in most running groups.

My vision is to change that and to evolve the way runners and walkers approach races. I can’t wait to work with you!

keri mcgraw testimonial.jpg
I had plantar fasciitis in both feet before working with Heather. I was unable to exercise, wear flip flops or go barefoot. I tried multiple cortisone injections, insoles, and laser therapy treatment sessions. I was working hard stretching, icing, wearing my boots, and nothing was helping me recover. I started feeling relief from Heather’s program just a few weeks after it started. Now, I’m back to running half marathons!
— Jeanine Kirkman Dickson
I can honestly say that Heather has changed my life. As trite as that sounds, she has helped me become a stronger person physically, mentally and spiritually through yoga and bootcamp. Her non-threatening, yet firm encouragement in bootcamp class is just what I need to push myself harder. I can’t believe how much stronger and more confident I am!
— Keri Slaton McGraw
stella testimonial.jpg
I really enjoy working out with Heather. She has helped me set and reach goals. She knows how to motivate me on days when I feel like working out. She mixes up the workouts to keep them fresh. She has increased my strength and endurance so I can walk a half-marathon. We are presently working towards walking the trail up to Mt Leconte in the Smokey Mountains and I can’t wait!
— Stella Neltner Volmer
ellen testimonial.jpg
I wasn’t quite sure if I could do strength training when I started and ten months later I’m still going strong! I feel stronger, more toned and I feel so much better. I feel guilty when I have to miss a day because I know everyone else will be there. It is challenging and rewarding. Heather is a great teacher and motivator. She always gives a modified option if you can’t quite do the exercise. Heather is always positive and encouraging. I haven’t felt this good in years! Thank you, Heather!
— Ellen Fakes
Heather’s warm and welcoming approach helped me to become excited and confident when meeting new ladies. The group was fantastic and I hope to join again in the near future. I was so inspired by the group that I have signed up for my first trail race - a 10k race in Indiana!
— laura strachan

What you’ll get with Team Elevate:

Ease & Float

  • Learn to run (or walk) like you are floating.

  • Ingrate tiny shifts in your body so running feels easy & effortless.

  • Be more in flow during training.

Love Your Body

  • Learn self-care tools you can use for a lifetime.

  • Recover faster from your workout with restorative techniques.

  • Enjoy exclusive discounts on massage.

Energize & Activate

  • Activate the right muscles while you run to protect your joints.

  • Tips to have more energy when you are feeling sluggish or unmotivated.

  • Learn the most effective pre-run(walk) stretching routines.

Vitality & Strength

  • Learn strength training techniques to stay injury free.

  • Nutrition secrets for marathon running - the do’s and the dont’s.

  • Breathing techniques for maximum endurance.


  • Lean on the group so you don’t miss any training days.

  • Be inspired to keep your pace up on the group runs so you can be ready on marathon day.

  • Expand your network of running (and walking) friends all over the world.

Train For Life

  • Experience the benefits of marathon training in the rest of your life.

  • Keep your mind & body agile for all that life throws your way.

  • Push your limits to make challenging situations in your life easier.

Learn To Let Go

  • Learn proven techniques to let go of stress so you can run lighter on your feet.

  • Incorporate breathing techniques into your stretching routine that will help your muscles let go & recover faster.

  • Use mantras to let go of anything holding you back from meeting your goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

But, what if I don’t have time for this right now?
I would suggest asking yourself “why now?” Why is this important for YOU to do this now? What will it feel like to put this off? If not now, when? Life is short - take the leap!

It’s too expensive. Do you offer payment plans?
Of course! I don’t want money to hold you back from your health and transformation. Contact me and I can easily set you up with a payment plan that works for you.

What if is too much work and I just can’t handle it?

This marathon training program is meant to work for you, not against you. This whole program can be done online so can easily fit into your life and schedule.

I can’t do this program in person. Is there an online option?

Yes! Team Elevate can be done from anywhere in the world!

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I look forward to being your coach as you embark on this exciting adventure!

In Health,

P.S. Team Elevate will help you up-level every area of your life. What are you waiting for?


Peace Of Mind Guarantee

I am confident in your choice (if you so decide!) to join Team Elevate & the service I provide. I guarantee your money back if you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of purchase.