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A 6-week immersion to unlock the tightness in the hamstrings so you can move more, feel good & unleash all of you.

Program starts March 11th.



How This Works:

Week 1: Root Down To Rise Up

It is possible to overstretch and cause injury, so I will be teaching you how to safely stretch your hamstrings so you don’t pull a muscle. There is a safe and unsafe way to stretch - you will be learning the safest and most effective way to stretch during the first week.

Weeks 2: Back Pain No More

If you have tight hamstrings, it is likely you also struggle with back pain. In week 2 you will learn techniques to lengthen the spine & find relief from back pain. There are small adjustments you can make to deepen certain stretches and make them feel better - you will learn my best techniques during this week!

Weeks 3: Ground & Lengthen

In week 3, you will learn seated hamstring stretches and one thing you need to do to get more out of the stretch. You can stretch the hamstrings all day long, but if you are not engaging in the right areas you will not make any gains. I will uncover some of the secrets most teachers don’t teach in regular yoga classes.

Week 4: Supported Stretches
Learn to use a yoga strap to deepen hamstring stretches. You don’t have to push and do more to get the lasting length you crave. Learn how to sit back, relax and be supported as you stretch. The work CAN be easy and I will show you how during week 4.

Weeks 5: Relax & Let Go

Put your feet up, relax & let go. Letting go is key to unlocking the tightness in your hamstrings, and you will learn HOW to do this at the deepest level. No more fight or flight mode.

Week 6: Hamstrings Unleashed

Moving through fear is an important step to unlock the tightness in the hamstrings that most people don’t know. We will dive into this during week 6 and have fun with simple techniques anyone can do to pop a handstand.


What you’ll receive:

For 6 weeks straight you will receive…


Weekly Live Q&A Coaching Calls

For six weeks you'll have access to weekly coaching calls to ask me all your biggest questions, receive personalized support, massive breakthroughs and get answers to the areas you didn't even know you were ready to shift. This is a space for big up levels and fully stepping into all of who you know you're meant to be now. *** All calls will be recorded


Weekly Video Trainings

In addition to our LIVE Coaching Calls, every week you'll also receive at least 60 minutes of powerful video training breaking down the weekly focus (outlined above) and the exact steps to take right now to unlock the tightness in your hamstrings.


Supportive Private FB Community

I love FB groups - It is a powerful space where amazing connections, support, celebrations happen! Receive access to additional support, community, connection and more in our private, members only FB group for the entire 6 weeks together and I will be there consistently supporting and celebrating you every step of the way.


Access To All Videos & Calls For Life

You always have the freedom to dive into trainings, resources and more at your own pace since you have lifetime access to ALL of them. Use as many (or as few) as you need to get the results you desire, knowing they'll always be there for you when you're ready.


Access To Restorative Yoga For Hikers & Runners 5-Day Challenge Videos

Enjoy the challenge videos for life! You will have what you need at your fingertips and can bring your body back into balance anytime, anywhere. No need to search around for the best stretches - they will be right there for you to access forever! Yay!



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About Heather Feather


Heather's journey in health began after her father died from a rare neurological disease called Multiple Systems Atrophe in 1999. In the first month of her Freshman year at Lake Forest College her entire world shifted. A significant transformation began when Heather started practicing yoga and running to cope with the loss. Heather was on a destructive path during her teenage years and she chose to move in the direction of health which brought forth true healing and growth. She has not turned back and wishes to bring the healing and transformational powers of a healthy lifestyle with a focus on yoga, exercise and healthy eating.

Heather teaches in a dynamic and firm, yet non-threatening way. She always brings something new to the table whether that be in a class atmosphere, bootcamp, private training/yoga or retreats. She brings a multifaceted approach to health & wellness with her in-depth knowledge of the yoga practice, exercise and diet. Heather is strongly intuitive and steps deeply into the present moment with you to give the best experience possible. She almost always combines exercise and yoga in her offerings and sometimes even a healthy, delicious treat!

Heather continues to study and attends workshops at least twice a year to stay fresh and to provide you with the best! She trained extensively at YogaHome in Cincinnati, OH and is highly influenced by internationally known teachers such as Sianna Sherman, Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, Rodney Yee, Janet Stone and Anna Forrest. Heather also attends ACE Fitness workshops to stay up to date with exercise based knowledge.

Heather is an ACE certified Personal Trainer, 500 hour trained Yoga Instructor, and Chef. She also has a professional certification in the Culinary Arts, an Associates degree in Pastry Arts and a certificate in dietetics. Additionally, Heather is a certified Spin Instructor, an Ironman finisher, marathon and ultramarathon runner, long-distance swimmer and triathlete. Heather loves to be outside! "Heather Feather" was Heather's nickname growing up and it suits her well. Feathers inspire and that is just what Heather aspires to do for YOU!