Top 5 Yoga Stretches for Hikers & Runners

I run and hike.....ALOT!  I would not be going the distances I go or doing it as often as I do if I did not practice yoga on a regular basis.  restorative yoga is my favorite type of yoga because I am a naturally busy person and love to move.  Restorative yoga makes me slow down and my mind and body benefit a ton.  If you are like me and love to exercise you will no doubt love restorative yoga too.  Check out my 5 favorite stretches with photos below to give you a visual.  I hope this will help to keep you on the trail and on course with your fitness goals!  I hope to see you on an Into The Wild Tour Yoga, Hiking & Food Adventure!

1) Toes Pose.  Curl your toes under and sit back on your heals.  Do the best you can and try to keep the heels together.  Do this for 1 minute.
2) Low Lunge.  Place on foot forward and the other leg back down on the knee.  Shift your weight forward to stretch the quad.  Do each side 3-5 minutes.
3) Standing Forward Fold.  Stand with your feet together or hip distance.  Fold forward and place your hands on blocks or on the floor.  Take deep breaths and hold 3-5 minutes.
4) Calvesasana - Roll up a blanket and place it between the calves and thighs.  Come into virasana or hero's pose.  The blanket stretches the calves horizontally and gives you a nice stretch to prevent plantar faciitis.  Hold 3-5 minutes, rocking from side to side.
5) Wide Leg Forward Fold Tiger Stretch - Place your feet wide, toes turned in and fold forward. Keep your butt back over your heels and crawl your fingertips forward like you are a tiger or tigress.  Keep your butt back and toes turned inward.  Breath deeply for 3-5 minutes.      

Heather Poast