3 Post-Race Restorative Stretches Every Runner Should Do

Happy Thanksgiving!!  If you participated in a turkey trot or did your own workout today be sure to do these 3 post-race restorative stretches to jumpstart recovery and reduce soreness.

You might be tempted to chill and grab a beverage with your family and friends after the race, but skipping these essential stretches will lead to tightness, and increased possibility of injury and soreness.  Deep stretches are the best way to recover after a race, will help you feel better and more present so that you can truly enjoy the day with your family and friends.  The best part of this type of recovery is that you will feel stronger and be ever more ready for that next adventure!

Check out the video of the 3 restorative stretches below.  Below the video you will see detailed descriptions of each stretch.

Toes Pose
Put your feet together, curl the toes under & sit back on the heels with the hands on the thighs. You do not have to sit all the way back.  You can keep the hands on the ground or up on blocks if you can’t sit all the way back.  Think of this as your training wheels.  As your feet stretch and open more you will be able to sit all the way back on the heels.  If your knees are stopping you from sitting back on the heels simply place a pillow or rolled blanket between the bottom and the heels.  If you can sit on the heels easily and want even more stretch, press the heels together with your pointer fingers.  You will feel more stretch in the achilles.  Breathe deeply and hold for at least one minute.  

Downward Facing Dog (rest your forehead on a block)
Come onto the hands and knees.  The knees should be directly below the hips and the hands directly below the shoulders.  Spread your fingers and press the pads of the fingers into the ground as if you were clawing the mat.  Place most of the pressure into the middle finger and thumb to relieve the wrists of pressure.  Your middle finger should point straight forward and your thumb should make an “L” with your pointer finger.  Lift the hips up to the sky and keep the knees slightly bent.  Reach the hips up and back to lengthen through the waist.  Rest your forehead on the block to remind the neck to relax.  As you inhale reach the hips up and back.  As you exhale rest the forehead on the block.  Take deep breaths.  I like to do this stretch for 5 minutes, coming back down to the knees and resting in child’s pose if I need a break.

Pigeon On The Wall
Lie on your back about a foot away from the wall.  I like to set up a mat on a blanket and lie on the blanket.  Place your feet on the wall with the knees bent at 90 degrees.  Place your right ankle over your left knee.  You should feel a stretch in your right hip.  

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