Keep Your Heart Open: Get Rid Of Upper Back & Neck Pain

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I was inspired to write this blog this morning because it’s Valentine’s Day and I seriously LOVE this holiday so wanted to share some LOVE by telling you about one of my favorite restorative stretches, “The Heart Bench.”

I remember learning the heart bench during my 500-hour yoga teacher training.  I had a really tight upper back from all of the running and swimming I was doing and it was just what I needed.  

Not only was my back and neck stiff because of all the physical activity I was doing, it was also tight because of the emotional junk I was carrying around.

  • I had so many judgments about my body (I still struggle with this).

  • I was single and wanted a relationship (I wouldn’t settle and knew I deserved the best!).

  • I wanted to work my dream job and that meant trusting in something bigger than me and dealing with financial stress.

  • I missed my dad who died when I was 18 (still miss him).

  • I had family struggles (who doesn’t?).

Ok, so you get it.  We all have emotion shit that can weigh us down.  

BUT, it doesn’t have to!  There are tangible things you can do to dump that junk!

Everyone carries some amount of emotional baggage around and it likes to sit in the upper back, shoulder & neck area.  The Heart Bench helps to get rid of that.

I like to think of this like emptying a backpack.  This amazing restorative stretch empties the invisible backpack so you can walk around weightless and with less stress.

You don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders anymore.  You should be enjoying all of the adventures life has to offer!

So, this is how you do “The Heart Bench.”

You will need two yoga blocks.  Place one block on it’s highest height and the second block on it’s medium height.  Lie down and place the medium height block under the bottom tips of your shoulder blades and the highest block under your head.  Relax and breathe for 5 to 10 minutes.

Comment below and let me know how this feels.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!  



Heather Poast