Sleep well after a long hike...

A good night’s rest is key to sleeping in the great outdoors and is possible! You can either opt for a hike in lodge (I can recommend a few!) that provides beds or go camping with the right gear.

big agnus sleeping pad.jpg

Maybe you don’t like camping because you aren’t comfortable at night and don’t sleep well. Or, maybe you love to camp, but haven’t figured out that perfect nights sleep.

I have had my fair share of sleepless nights because the sleeping pad was… well, useless.

It either wasn’t thick enough, wasn’t wide enough and I felt I had to stay still while sleeping or would deflate overnight.

Ugh. Annoying!

I finally found something that works and want to let you in on the secret.

You can go round and round trying different pads and trying to save money, but let’s cut to the chase.

Sleeping pads are something you should invest in - spend $100+ (If you have found something cheaper that works and lasts please do tell!).

The Big Agnus brand sleeping pad rocks! I have the Insulated Double Z, but apparently REI no longer has those in stock. Not to worry - they have other models.

You can find Big Agnus sleeping pads at REI or online. I recommend going to the store and trying them out. Roll them out, blow them up and try them . DO NOT JUST BUY ONE!!

Here is a link to check one of the models out >> Big Agnus Q Core SLX

Let me know what you use and if you get a Big Agnus let me know what you think!

Adventure On,

Heather Poast